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Feb 4, 2011

Affiliate money PayBox - "Paybox Miljonairs Mission".

Используй деньги проекта PayBox

Good day, dear readers of my blog!

I would like to inform you priNAIPRIYaTNEYShEE event!

Came to our projectPaybox Miljonairs Mission"(From MyDeSoHo), which allows you to take money payment systemPayBoxAnd increase them!

Log in copulation only $ 100 (Payment via PayBox).

Affiliates simple principle: Bring 7 partners and ioge get through the year $ 1 million.

Here's a rough translation of the description of the project:

Would you like to receive $ 1009883 Paybox every year?

Then you have come to the right place!

You took an important decision, starting the journey on the Internet Project Paybox Miljonairs Mission, Invested a total of $100 PayBox.

This solution will allow you to receive $1.009.883 PayBox every year just inviting for your link 7 your friends who subscribe to the project Paybox Miljonairs Mission.

Member Benefits Paybox Miljonairs Mission:

- We and other members help you earn in this program. Guaranteed!
- Revenues $ 1.009.883 PayBox each year just by inviting 7, Activated, new partners!
- Does not require presentations and online promotion.
- You get access to digital products!
- Instantly get a referral link.
- All proceeds are paid directly and instantly into your account PayBox.
- We do website maintenance for you.
- Best Support 24 / 7.

The system of random invitations
For visitors without sponsorship, the system will automatically add the paid partners who register without a sponsor. And it gives you the opportunity to get free downline referrals from around the world.

Return + + 1 Free Account
To ensure that each partneraobeschannym income, the system provides re-entry GUARANTEED.
Each partner will be with us for a year, will be able to renew your membership and receive 1 free Account as a bonus.

Do not waste your time!

Join and receive Passive income and Financial freedom!

Prepare to be Paybox Miljonairs!

Join now to "Paybox Miljonairs"
and start getting passive income today!

Join PayBox: - Новая платёжная система! До официального открытия платят всем!

Brief description of the registration project

Paybox Miljonairs:

Login Id: [______________________]* Your login
Password: [______________________]* Password
Re-Password: [______________________]* Repeat password
Name: [______________________]* Your name
E-mail: [__________________________]* Mailbox (desirable for the service
City: [__________________________]* City of residence
Phone: [__________________________]* Phone
Country: [__________________________]* Country
Paybox ID: Your login PayBox
YahooId: [____________________] Login to Yahoo
Find us: [Friends / Relatives][V] How did you find a project?
207364 : [_____________] Captcha (write the numbers from the image)
Sponsor: Andrey (Id: 2444) Your Sponsor

* required.

I have read and understand about The terms and conditions.

[Join Now>>]

* Fields marked with a red asterisk must be filled

Next, click the button Join Now>>

Signing in, clicking on the link Login (Right top).

Click on the button Pay and on the website PayBox do translate $100 on the specified user.

Within 1-3 days your account is activated and you can invite partners for their referral link!

Waiting for your letters and suggestions!

Good luck!

Andrew Povolokin

My contact info:
Skype: PAndy76

Jan 28, 2011

ForexCompanyOnline - first results.

forexcompanyonline - инвестируй в форекс на короткий срок с высокими дивидентами!

Good day, dear readers of my blog!

And so!

Here rezudtaty my investment in the project ForexCompanyOnline 1 month:

My investments amounted to $12 ($1 startup + 12/12/2010 $11 after the first withdrawal).

Within a month the size of my investment has grown to $50Due to income from the referral program $36, (5% of the investment lichnikov), And interest earned on my contributions.

24.01.2011 I re-checked the output, $ 30 had been withdrawn at the expense of LiqPay during an 8-hours:

January 24, 2011 15:30:49 with phone 796 1976 ****** 30.00 USD

At this point in my account is $36 earned on the referral program, $114 My personal investment + interest on my investment.

$180 are on my account!

It's safe to say that the company ForexCompanyOnlineAt the moment, work and time promised interest accrues (from 1,15% per day and more), As well as withdraw money at the request of the customer!

Just want to focus your attention on the fact that the project not only works with a variety of electronic currency (such as - Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, LiqPay, AlertPay, WebMoney), But also with bank transfers (Sberbank, Privatbank, Alfabank, RayfazenBank and others) and Bank cards!

Waiting for your letters and suggestions!

Good luck!

P.S. I also want to add that invest in ForexCompanyOnline can using creditm, taken in the draft "MaxpaYnet In credit program MaxiCredit".

Andrew Povolokin

My contact info:
Skype: PAndy76

Jan 19, 2011

"People String" - earn money without investment! Or a social network that pays ...

PeopleString - заработай без вложений! Или социальная сеть, которая платит... Hello, dear readers!


Первая социальная сеть, типа Фейсбук или ВКонтакте, которая платит!

One of the first social networking sites (analog or Facebook), Which pays!

And pay for what you are doing is constantly in these social networks!

People String

It's very simple!

You daily or several times a day, go to the site, go to certain pages and all! For this you pay money!

BYE Registration FREE! (Looks like it's so ostanestya)

For your actions, (the opening pages, games, search on Google and many others), you earn points from 10 to 1000, which can then get on AlertPay U.S. $ 1 = 100 points.

Invite partners / referral is not necessary, just that it will be just an added bonus to income of $ 0.5 for signing up + ...

All instructions in this video:



3. Step 3 Of People String



User after registration:

After registration need to activate an e-mail, and then prescribe AlertPay (Go to the Settings tab on the blue background), then right at the Mailbox-Cashbox put a point on AlertPay and mount your AlertPay (E-mail), instead of e-mail, buyout is written there.

Fill out the information tax: there, go to Tax Information and fill in all (note: put in * Tax Form: «Form W-8BEN», * Legal Entity Type:, and * Taxpayer Number Type: register «other», at the end: a Signature to write their name and name).

Referral link to: Social - press house - Invite - Get Invite URL's


  1. Games:
  2. Once a day: Login to Make Money (on a blue background) - links to the left People Games - the average game.
  3. Every 4 hours: People Loto
  4. Every 30 minutes: Play Hand (guess the coin in his fists).
  5. Mad Millions - no time limit. Location: press the Back Office - General, then locate the bottom of the inscription Reward String.
  6. Every 5 hours:
  7. Go to Search Engine Google in the study (writing any search, for example, ELFE).
  8. Go to your mail peoplestring (right below the written Mail and click on the yellow man).
  9. Next open the tab Make Money and go to Mailbox-Cashbox.
  10. Then go to the Shopping and clicking on one of the links (ie, enter the store) and press the bottom Shop Now!
Commission on the structure: 1y. - 5%, 2y. - 2%, 3U. - 2% 4y. 2% - 5U. - 2%, 6U. - 2%.

Go to the Social
, Click on the house and see how much is earned.

All this for 30 seconds, ie a lot of time does not take. Charges are in points, which are translated into U.S. dollars at the end of each month and displayed on Alertpey.

Not necessarily adhere to the exact time when the time will come, but more often - the more income.

Presentation: People String - Introduction


Waiting for your letters and suggestions!

Good luck!

Andrew Povolokin

My contact info:
Skype: PAndy76

Jan 12, 2011

World Financial Crisis

Современный экономический кризис: вся правда
Modern economic crisis: the whole truth
The word crisis in 2008-2010, sound, perhaps, more every other word. The global financial crisis has affected or even affect almost all countries, except for the poorest countries that already are in constant financial and economic crisis.
Now more than ever it is important to have relevant information about the current economic crisis. Need to understand what useful can be learned from this situation, when and what action should be taken to properly and timely respond to those or other changes in work, politics, economics, society ... We tried to collect the most recent, important and comprehensive information about modern economic crisis and give it to you "as is", ie without embellishment, without agitation for one or another point of view, the most simple and accessible form.

What is a global financial crisis?

Lump Sum Debt Settlement Letter - What It Should Look Like

A lump sum debt settlement letter will give us a better chance of obtaining a larger discount, a well written and well formatted letter will go a long way. There are many examples of settlement letters on the net, I will explain what this letter should look like.
Before we reach the stage of sending a settlement letter we have had many discussions with our original creditor or collector and have a feel for what we think they will accept. As I said before a lump sum letter carries more weight than a letter proposing to pay in installments. A letter offering to settle unsecured credit card debt should be formatted in the following fashion:
- The current date.
- Your complete name as it appears on the credit card.
- Your current address.
- The name of the company or agency whom we are sending letter to.
- Address of company or agency we are mailing letter to.
- Original account number we are sending letter about.
- Body of letter. It should look something like this:
XYZ creditor or collection agency,
In an effort to save all of us a great deal of time and expense I´m offering to settle this account for $x,xxx.xx in one lump sum payment due on 7-15-2010.
If you accept my offer, please send written confirmation to my PO Box address. Once I receive your written confirmation, I will make payment to your organization by phone. However, please understand that I will not make any payments until receiving written confirmation that you accept my offer.
This letter is precise and to the point, it is not complicated to write or to amend; changes can be made to it depending on the situation. Nevertheless this is the model to follow when writing to a creditor or collector when offering a lump sum debt settlement.

Original post "Lump Sum Debt Settlement Letter - What It Should Look Like"

Dec 28, 2010

Profitable investments in the Forex for those who can not sell itself.

forexcompanyonline - инвестируй в форекс на короткий срок с высокими дивидентами!

Good day, dear readers of my blog!

I want to share with you an interesting project that fits the definition of "savings and investments" - ForexCompanyOnline

Invistitsii from $1, Term investments of 12 daysWhile you get on 1.15% to 2.47% per day!!!

I did some stats and posted a link ForexCompanyOnline on one of the forums ...

On the first day of my reference was more than 50 people! Likewise, in the second! ..

After 2 days I have received $ 13 deposit from referrals! (These I have already put in 12 days ;) )

Here is a complete marketing project ForexCompanyOnline:

Investment Plan 1,15%
sum $1 - $100
Interest rate 1.15% per day
Period of deposit (days) 12
Reinvestment from 0% to 100%

Investment Plan 1,74%
sum $101 - $1000
Interest rate 1.74% per day
Period of deposit (days) 26
Reinvestment from 0% to 100%

Investment Plan 1,96%
sum $1001 - $2000
Interest rate 1.96% per day
Period of deposit (days) 52
Reinvestment from 0% to 100%

Investment Plan 2,47%
sum $2001 - $50000
Interest rate 2.47% per day
Period of deposit (days) Unlimited
Reinvestment from 0% to 100%

Site ForexCompanyOnline laid daily trading results - What is important!

Yes, the affiliate program!

From the design rules ForexCompanyOnline:
9. Affiliate Program
9.1. In order to expand customer base ForexCompanyOnline through advertising - SERVIS pays nartnerskoe fee of 5% from any deposit (1% for the second level).
9.2. To participate in our affiliate program and profit for the involved partners open a deposit is not necessarily.
9.3. THE CLIENT, by signing up an affiliate link another client, forever secured the partnership structure of the latter.

For the sake of the experiment tried to draw a conclusion from the project ForexCompanyOnline $1 (Because it has already gained interest)
Query to output $ 1 in LeekpaiThe time 11:11...
In 14:55 money came!

And the sum was equal to $1.01!

4 days is the deadline for my small contribution, I will show everything, and then I will put on a new ;)
Waiting for your letters and suggestions!
Good luck!

P.S. I also want to add that invest in ForexCompanyOnline can using creditm, taken in the draft "MaxpaYnet In credit program MaxiCredit".
Details in the article "
MaxpaYnet + Devlani = good income with low investment".
Andrew Povolokin
My contact info:
Skype: PAndy76

Dec 23, 2010

Skype does not connect? What happened?

Skype/// Hello, dear readers! ooVoo - альтернатива скайпу

All have already noticed that in the evening, 22/12/2010, the Skype no longer connect. Skype does not connect or crash ... What is the problem of Skype?

Here is what wrote the Executive Director Skype Tony Bates:

«We are very serious about such a malfunction of our service and we apologize for the inconvenience"- Interview BBC.

Skype Guide explained that the system crashes, due to which many users around the world have lost touch, have been due to the fact that the so-called backbones, the individual connections between computers and mobile phones around the world, out of service because of incompatibility with certain versions of the program

As an alternative service for quality chvyazi to communicate using audio, video and tesktovyh posts suggest you use the service ooVoo !

Waiting for your letters and suggestions!

Good luck!

Andrew Povolokin

My contact info:
: PovAndy
Skype: PAndy76